Can You Drive Into Chino Hills State Park?

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chino hills state park

What do you want to know? I’ll let you know if you can drive into Chino Hills State Park and how you can drive there, but what else do you want to know? Let me know if there’s anything else I can answer about Chino Hills State Park and how to get in!

Overview of the state park

The California Department of Parks and Recreation (CDPR) consists of over 80 state parks, which include parks, beaches, recreational areas, museums and monuments. The department protects California’s historical and cultural resources through its park system. In addition to protecting a variety of natural wonders, CDPR also provides outdoor recreation opportunities for Californians. One such example is Chino Hills State Park.

Driving Directions

To drive into Chino Hills State Park, follow Interstate 10 east and exit at Grand Avenue in San Bernardino. Stay on Grand for about six miles until you reach City Hall Drive. Turn right and follow signs to Chino Hills State Park. While driving into either trailhead parking area, watch for signs that say No Motor Vehicles and State Park Entrance. All other roads within Chino Hills are open to motor vehicles, including all streets within developments just outside of park boundaries. The only way to drive a vehicle into Mount San Antonio is via Crystal Lake Avenue (Highway 39) which has no direct connection with I-10 or other major freeways; it passes through several cities on its way up to Mount Baldy Village, including Upland and Claremont.

How to Get Around Without a Car

Public transportation has grown in popularity over recent years, with rail and bus systems spreading across cities nationwide. Yet many of these systems are still in their infancy or require inconvenient transfers to get from one place to another. Luckily, there’s a solution: bikeshare programs. These allow you to rent a bike at one location and drop it off at another—so you can check out your city on two wheels. If you live in an area with a bikeshare program, download an app for tracking bikes (like Nextbike), walk to an available bike and unlock it using your phone’s GPS. Then head out on your merry way!

Road Safety Precautions When Hiking on Roads

Hiking on a road can be risky, but hiking in a park or state park will almost always require crossing roads. Make sure to use extra caution when crossing any street or highway, even if you are driving slowly and stopping for pedestrians. To ensure your safety as you’re out on the trail, always follow these steps: Always try to hike near large groupings of hikers, bicyclists and runners; cars tend to take more care when encountering larger groups of people. When crossing streets and highways, look both ways at all times—don’t cross just because it’s clear in one direction! When you come across an intersection with no stop sign or traffic light (which is common in parks), never cross until cars have completely stopped for you.


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