Why Personal Growth is SO Lucrative

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Success. I presume that all of us want this big thing. Nobody will take success for granted be it success in career, success in love life, success in school, success in a contest, or success in life in general. Everybody works to having it. But behind this quest for success, it is important to note in our list that success is not an overnight activity. That in success, there is no formula in attaining success in whatever career you have. Humans are unique. Each person has his or her own set goals, principles, and priorities in life which will make him or her contented in life while craving a name for him or her. Each individual possesses different personality strengths and weaknesses. These strengths can be improved, while these weaknesses must be improved. Now, you might be packed with these questions: How can one attain personal growth through the use of these strengths and weaknesses? What is that something important that personal growth can give? Why personal growth is so lucrative or important? Will understanding and improving these weaknesses improve my personality toward achieving success? There is only one person who is left to judge and to answer these questions and that is you.
Personal growth is so important for it allows you to understand what is important to you, it allows you to recognize your weaknesses and face them, and it permits you to strive for balance while opening other door towards recognizing your personal strengths and weaknesses. Let’s get in to deeper with these issues of personal growth one by one.
Personal growth allows you to understand what is important to you. You have your own reason on how to be successful and so do I. Knowing your self is just one of the many ways that will assist you towards the path of personal triumph. But still some people rest on the idea of others on what does it take to be successful. That way of defining personal growth only leaves those people unaware of what is the real important to them. But this approach will only prove that they are normal for that approach is the usual thing that happens. You have your idol and I have mine, too. Most often that not, we act in accordance on how they act and think. But realizing the difference between what you have been taught to be true and what you believe to be important is so lucrative. How them it becomes so lucrative? Acting in the way your idol acts will sacrifice your happiness and contentment for you are not acting on your own. Thus realizing what really matters to you is the primary way to proving that personal growth is so lucrative. That self-knowledge will bring you contentment and happiness in life as a whole.
Keeping your dominant and supporting functions is also one of the reasons why personal growth is so lucrative. Most people sacrifice their supporting functions by focusing more attention to dominant functions toward achieving them. Yes, it is normal to be guided by your dominant functions but can you develop the supporting ones if you don’t acquaint with it and not into use of it. Focusing on the dominant side of your personality only hinders you toward developing your personal growth for there is a personal imbalanced. Thus, personal balance is one of the keys to achieving personal growth and a proof of its importance.
In consonance with this, Carl Jung introduces his theory of individuation which is the realization of your true self and your conscious self. There is steadfast way to recognize easily the important things to you. It always takes time. So how then do you recognize your weaknesses and learn to face them at the foresight and not at the hindsight? Carl Jung has given us a theory, called as the individuation theory that tells as that the dominant and supporting functions of our personality are just parts of our self and not our true and real self. These functions are not our whole. Jung tells us further that the more we strive to be near with our conscious and ego-filled self will just take us away to our objective of improving our personal weakness. Self-realization plays a vital tool toward personal weakness and strength recognition. And the recognition of our weaknesses to turn them to strengths is one of the reasons why personal growth is so lucrative.
I have left this article without much theoretical or technical discussion to make it clear to the public readers. This article is open to be comprehended easily by readers.


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