VPAT: Here Is The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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What is a VPAT?

“What is a VPAT?” is one of the most commonly asked questions surrounding website ADA compliance. We investigated how different writers and analysts respond to this topic, either directly or in the context of VPAT accessibility, VPAT certification, VPAT template, or VPAT compliance. We’ve identified the finest definition of a VPAT at ADA Compliance Pros.

ADA Compliance Pros indicate that a VPAT is an acronym that stands for Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, which refers to the document that helps a company or organization make self-disclosures about how their ICT products’ electronic content, software, hardware, and ICT support documentation meet the VPAT accessibility standards outlined in the Revised Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Helping People Answer The Difficult Questions About VPAT Accessibility

Given Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act’s broadening of ADA compliance requirements for accessibility of website content, among others, many people have difficultly answering questions in their desire to become compliant. It’s natural to have those questions and even harbor some objections. We too had questions and reservations about VPAT accessibility and a friend referred us to ADA Compliance Pros, who were happy to help answer some of those questions and point us to this article where they’ve dealt with the subject in detail. They’ve also developed a very easy and practical VPAT ultimate buyer’s guide that:

  • Helps VPAT users feel adequately equipped to make VPAT accessibility decisions; and
  • Genuinely helps website owners to achieve VPAT compliance.

Focus on Website Owners and VPAT Certification

ADA Compliance Pros focus on website owners as the target audience for their articulation of the VPAT ultimate buyer’s guide. This is because of many website owners are seeking answers to questions about VPAT certification.

They endeavor to educate website owners about the VPAT template and help them feel informed enough to move forward with their VPAT certification decisions. While working with them in our VPAT accessibility journey, we asked them why they put such dedication in educating website owners about VPAT accessibility, and the answer was amazing – because they understand how difficult it is to make a decision when one doesn’t understand what they’re making a decision about. That is why their VPAT Ultimate Buyer’s Guide is crafted with a practical stance aimed at succinctly sharing what they know regarding VPAT compliance with the website owners so that they can confidently make their VPAT accessibility decisions.

Here’s an Excerpt of ADA Compliance Pros Buyer’s Guide for VPAT

ADA Compliance Pros present their ultimate buyer’s guide for VPAT from a point of understanding regarding how making the decision to adopt VPAT accessibility may involve other people and not a single person. They highlight the importance of bringing on board the other people who can veto the decision to move forward with VPAT compliance because if these people don’t agree, any decision made to obtain VPAT certification for a website that they’re associated with could be rescinded. Essentially, therefore, ADA Compliance Pros’ buyer’s ultimate guide to VPAT accessibility is intended to help the ideation people or teams in organizations to know how to get their budget-holders or other key influencers on their side regarding VPAT compliance. The guide is one that you can easily and practically use it to key actors that, “Here’s something you’ll find useful.”

Use of a Context-Appropriate VPAT Example

ADA Compliance Pros help you even further by providing you with a practical VPAT example in real life. They use a mirror and advise that you introduce the conversation about VPAT accessibility after sharing a creative episode involving a mirror. The episode involves showing the leaders to make the ultimate decision about VPAT compliance how not checking oneself in the mirror before leaving their house in the morning could cause make them unaware of some stain on their face or other part of their head that causes people to avoid them. The episode culminates in showing how checking oneself in a mirror helps to fix any flaws that may make people avoid you. VPAT compliance is introduced at that point to show how it provides an opportunity to look introspectively and fix any website content that could cause social and legal challenges.

Just like the mirror, a VPAT template itemizes accessibility requirements, and all one needs to do is to genuinely introspect and appraise themselves against the standards set under different self-disclosure domains. The self-assessment tinkers with one’s drive toward VPAT compliance because it helps to reveal areas where weaknesses are so that you can fix them.

For more information on the buyer’s guide to VPAT as well as help toward VPAT certification, contact ADA Compliance Pros. They’ll even get an instant website VPAT compliance test result sent directly to your inbox!



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