Why should you take another look at WPS Office for PDF?

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WPS Office free suite is available for android, iOS, and Windows users free of charge. With WPS Office, users can integrate various features of it. For example,

●    PowerPoint slides

●    Cloud Storage,

●    Forms

●    Online Editing

●    Template Library

●    Sharing

Even users can easily access the WPS office functions using mobile devices. The procedures are scanning PDF files, converting spreadsheets, and viewing documents anywhere.

Additionally, the latest version of WPS can transform PDF files into word documents in a few seconds. Users can maintain everything ranging from different formatting options to layouts allowing users to select PDF files according to their requirements. The software sustains various output file formats, including RTF native DOC, MS Word-DOC, and MS WORD-DOCX. 

What Are The Characteristics of WPS PDF Reader?

Are you fond of reading and editing PDFs on mobile? WPS PDF Reader & Editor is the ultimate choice. The software provides a free pdf application to

●    Read, 

●    Take annotations, 

●    Compress PDF files

●    Convert PDF to JPG, 

●    Highlight particular paragraphs

●    Search, process, and edit pdf documents.

PDF Annotator

PDF annotations are the practice of putting additional document objects like graphics and extra text into a PDF document. Annotations are essential features in PDFs as you won’t be able to add comments like you can do in Google docs or MS Word while performing a review and approval process. 

Characteristics Of PDF Annotator:

• Highlight, underline and strikethrough text

• Availability of four colors for annotating PDF

• Users can Type and add text to the PDF files

• Users can take the note on the PDF files

• You can Draw on the PDF files

PDF Reader

WPS PDF Reader is an Office module. It is the best alternative compared to Microsoft Office. It incorporates all office processor functions of Word, Spreadsheet, PDF, and Presentation under a single application. 

Additionally, it is compatible with Linux, MAC OS, Windows PC, Android, and iOS.

Highlights Of PDF Viewer:

●    It is a handy interface that is easier to use.

●    You can bookmark PDF pages for further reference.

●    Revise the brightness of your phone.

●    It is helpful if you are on night reading as it comes with the Night mode feature.

●    You can print and share PDF Documents through the apps like Gmail and WhatsApp, etc.

●    You can even reflow PDF files to have a fantastic reading experience

●    Users can read PDF as a book

PDF Editor

It is one of the best WPS Office components, used to improve the work quality and efficiency by utilizing different tools & features. For example, format conversion options, text editing in PDF, etc. Moreover, there are three surprising facts about WPS PDF Editor which include:

●    PDF editor free version allows users to edit PDF files conveniently

●    It comprises PDF markup tools such as underline, highlight, take notes

●    It is a free pdf editor

PDF Finder

It will scan all the PDF files on your device, and you can search and receive all PDF documents on your phone. 

●    WPS PDF can scan all your PDF documents on your device and help search and receive all PDF documents on your phone.

●    It can order all the PDF documents on your device.

●    It examines directories that often accept PDF documents.

●    It provides support for document operations under the SD card path.

PDF Tools:

Comprises a variety of tools, including PDF Reader & Editor 

●    It Can combine multiple PDF files into a single file.

●    It provides Conversion of PDF files To Jpeg files.

●    Users can easily convert; PDFs to images, PDFs to Excel,

●    Provide lots of tools for PDF Reader & PDF Editor

●    Merge or Combine two or more PDF files into a single PDF file, PDFs to PPT converter.

●    Users can extract, split and separate a whole set of easy conversions into independent PDF files. 

Additionally, there are different features for PDF readers for androids, such as Eye safety mode and dark mode for PDF reading, a Variety of pdf viewers with Auto-rotation mode or horizontal mode, etc. 

If you need more information about it, visit our website www.wps.com.

Download pdf free for PC/ Windows/ Machttps by visiting www.wps.com › download



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